VAG Academy

VAG Academy

General Information:

As VAG is a solution provider, who makes and sells a lot of customized products and system. Our sales are more engineering-oriented and technical-focused. In order to get the qualified people, VAG decided to set up our own academy to train the people by ourselves.

Through the training, the trainee will have the chance to know our company, our people and how we work in different departments. The trainee will also get the comprehensive knowledge about our products and its application. Through the training, the trainee will be able to have a clear view and decide in which direction he /she is going to develop the job career.


Training Approach

Seminar, lecture, discussion, on-site practice, test & examination, visit and external professional training

Recruitment requirement:

- College graduated degree or above

- Technical background or same field working experience

- Familiar with the office software

- English CET level-6, fluent English in speaking and writing

- Self-motivated, creative, active and work under pressure

Main Course:

- General introduction of VAG Group and China

- VAG products

- Production and quality

- Design

- Logistic and production planning

- Sales skill

- Order processing

- Company administration procedures

- ERP system and office software application

- Others


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