Evolution of the epoxy-powder coating future technology – VAG NOVA Standpost Hydrants


VAG is consistently following the path the company announced some time ago

The advantages of the epoxy-powder coating (EPP) are obvious and VAG is consistently following the path the company announced some time ago: The outsides of all red or black above-ground body parts of the VAG NOVA Standpost Hydrants will now be equipped with a UV-resistant polyester coating on an EPP base coating. The bonding of the coating could thus be significantly improved compared to the conventional wet coating.

In addition to this, the lower columns of the VAG NOVA Standpost Hydrants in sizes DN 100 and 80 are now also EPP coated on the inside and outside. This involves a change of colour as the previous black will now be replaced by the typical epoxy blue (RAL 5005). Besides this visible change, the complete EPP coating (also behind the seat bushing) means a clear added value in terms of technology: The previous transitional area between the enamel and the EPP coating used to involve a risk of corrosion which can now be fully eliminated.

During a short transition stage, there will be a two-colour and thus a two-coating solution for the VAG NOVA 150 whose lower column consists of two pieces. The black lower intermediate column with epoxy blue base body will be entirely EPP coated in the near future.


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