VAG Won the Prize of China Economic Green Environmental Enterprise


On December 20th 2015 , the “China Economic Summit Forum and the 13th Annual Meeting of China Economic Characters” was held in Beijing and was organized by China’s Economy Newspaper of the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Economic Information Magazine.

VAG Water Systems (Taicang) Co. Ltd was invited to join the gala and won the prize of China Economic Green Environmental Enterprise.

The meeting was themed “New Normality, New Economy, New Journey” and displayed the economic problems present in China, and also voted for the yearly most influential character and company based on their performance and contributions to counteract these economic problems.

VAG China has always been motivated to develop the enterprise constantly in a green way since its establishment in 2004. James Jiang, the Managing Director of VAG China, encourages and promotes green production and created a scientific waste recovery system. Besides, VAG China calls for the environmental office to experience the energy conservation by practical action, to bring the maximum benefit by minimum input.


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