Yunan Haolong Group

VAG provides good service work and products of good quality.

Shenyang Shengyuan Water Affairs

VAG products are of high quality and never occurred any problems during the operation time.

Kuming Vehens Aut. & Tech Co., Ltd

VAG is an all-round service provider with whom it is a pleasure to cooperate. They keep their commitments and provide good quality at a reasonable price.

Hunan Xian Daoyang River Reclaimed Water Co., Ltd

The valves from VAG have be operating steadily and the design of the valves is according to our requirement.

Deyang Water

The product is of higher quality with safety performance and the after sales service is very good.

Chengdu Single Group

We've had a very good business relationship with VAG for many years. The products from VAG are of high quality. And we enjoyed the before and after service VAG provided. VAG is a reliable partner!

Pengyao Group

The quality of the product is quite good and the valves in our plant are in good condition.

Empresa de Acueducto, Alcantarillado y Aseo de Bogotá

We have an express pipeline system which supplies water to storage tanks directly from the treatment plants, and upstream of their inlets, plunger valves are installed. These valves have been operating trouble-free for more than 14 years and the entire series makes our distribution system robust and flexible. (…)

Heinrich Scheven

(…) We have been operating several generations of gate valves made by VAG-Armaturen GmbH and can therefore confirm the high quality of VAG valves and their durability over decades. (…)

Boniter srl

In 2013 our company working as a general contractor won a project in Saudi Arabia, in Medinah region. We chose to cooperate with VAG because of the good name of the company in the region and because we know it's a reliable company not only producing good valves but also giving technical support if needed. If there will be new possibilities we'll be happy to cooperate with VAG again.

Jindal Stainless Limited

A motorized control valve with sophisticated control system is greatly enhancing reliability of the water circuit, prevents breakdown due to unwanted flow surges and controls the process flow as per requirement. VAG Plunger valves were found to give very good performance at JSL site conditions and no technical snags have been noticed so far.

Termocentro srl

The first contact with VAG Group took place in 2009 with technical support for an irrigation system project.  The commercial cooperation with the VAG Group began in 2012 in concomitance with the new business structure in Italy that has ensured a better local presence, close to our needs. In this period we have been able to appreciate the technical and commercial capacity of the Company thanks to their high quality products. This allowed us to introduce ourselves more competitively on our market. (...)

Aqualia Infraestructuras

VAG met our technical requirements when we had to determine which valves were to be installed in the “El Realito” aqueduct. The quality of the valves is excellent and they exceeded our expectations.


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